Cardiac Care

All Cardiac Medicine of Regal Healthcare Ltd. are top and well formulated.

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Diabetic Care

Regal Healthcare Ltd is manufacturing the best oral solids and oral liquids medicine.

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Neuro & Neuro Psychiatric Care

We are manufacturing the top class Neuro and Neuro Psychiatric medicine.

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Regal Healthcare Ltd.

Welcome to Regal Healthcare Ltd.

Today, we are manoeuvring throughout the country, for all type of Neuro, Diabetes, Cardiac and Injection solutions and served huge number of Social Organizations, Medical College and Hospital, Nursing Home & Diagnostic Centres. We, Regal healthcare, can deliver any kind of medical equipments (Neuro, Diabetes, Cardiac & Injection) within very affordable price. Each and every of our customers get individual attention and their goals and exclusive necessity are carefully comprehended and examine to supply the perfect equipment solutions

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Regal Healthcare Ltd. Products

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